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Stags on the Rugby Field, the first volume of The Inkwell is officially published! Pick up your copy in the BCC at the table near Jazzman’s throughout the rest of this week. Hard copies are only $2. If you are, like myself, fresh out of cash, never fear! You may easily view the issue here absolutely free.

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The End is in Sight!

We are pleased to announce that all covers, title pages, and tables of contents are officially printed! Stags on the Rugby Field is set to be distributed on Thursday – Saturday 4/22 – 4/24 at the table outside Jazzman’s and the cafeteria in the BCC! Also, at exactly midnight on Thursday 4/22 it will be posted here for all who wish or cannot obtain a hard copy to read!

It’s the final stretch, we’re almost there!

Today the Inkwell will be co-hosting a coffee house, open mic, poetry slam. Students and non-students alike will have the opportunity to perform their work live for their peers … and for a good cause! In order to get into the event, a donation of bottled water or a non-perishable food item must be presented. All collected items will be sent to aid those who need it most in Haiti. The theme is social justice. All performances will pertain in some derivative to a pressing issue of today’s society to raise awareness and help our fellow man along the way.

Here’s hoping it’ll be a success!

Hello world!

Introducing Fairfield University’s very own literary magazine, The Inkwell!

Here is where the most creative students will have a place to showcase their work with the world. Stay tuned within the next week for the inaugural issue, Stags on the Rugby Field.